42 refugees Dead and more than 20 000 displaced in Johannesburg, South Africa

Date Posted: Sunday 25-May-2008

South Africa has unleashed violence against foreigners. This violence is well planned by black political leaders. 42 immigrants from Zimbabwe and other African countries are dead. Houses, shops and other places of dwelling for refugees have been looted or burned down. Estimated 30 000 Mozambique’s are leaving South Africa. Their government has confirmed that it will be assisting them to leave this criminal, South African society.

Even the ANC leaders have seen that this violence has done a lot of damage to the welfare of foreigners. According to the Business Day, the minister Pahad has admitted “Its barbaric.” there is no “question that this has happened as a consequence of government.”

Nothing has been done to stop suffering and deportation of Zimbabweans in South Africa. South African police still harass, arrest demand sex and bribes from Zimbabwean immigrants. The ANC must stop supporting Mugabe and deportation of people to Zimbabwe. The ANC must combat massive corruption against refugees in police force.

Morgan Tsvangirai the new president of Zimbabwe visited Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, the most hit place by xenophobic violence. “We are all Africans and suppose not to hurt each other,” said Tsvangirai.

South Africa is rotten. Majority of its political leaders are corrupt. The corruption of police, demanding of bribes, and violence to immigrants is a reflection of the corrupt government ruling South Africa. South Africa will get worse and worse as long as the ANC government remains stubborn.

South African Churches need to speak out against corruption in ANC government and challenge violence against immigrants. A nation that commits violence against its weakest members shall fall and become an immigrant nation itself.

Jesus Christ is our example. He lived in time of violence but proclaimed a message of peace. We need to be salt and light. Evilness will not go on it’s on.

Remember to pray for refugees in South Africa. Pray that God end corruption and xenophobia in ANC government of President Thabo Mbeki. Pray that freedom of Zimbabwe come soon such that millions Zimbabwean refugees can leave this uncaring, and evil society.

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