Human trafficking of women from Zimbabwe to South Africa

Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason and Justice
August 17, 2010

In Johannesburg, South Africa it’s tragic that thousands of young women from Zimbabwe are being exploited and abused. Many have come to South Africa after fleeing economic crisis or severe political persecutions. Some have been mislead by boyfriends and relatives who promised them bread and butter upon arrival in South Africa, when they arrive those who invited them runaway from them. So these immigrant women become helpless and vulnerable to predatory man or brothels and inns.

Thousands of Zimbabwean women are being abused in brothels inns and other places of the so-called entertainment. People who run brothels, inns and prostitution services make tens of thousands of rands a day- abusing women.

People who are running brothels, inns an! d prostitution services are not offering any progress to South African society. Prostitution degrades women and destroys any civilized society. The South African government is spending millions if not billions in fighting hiv/aids which is most of he time spread through prostitution. As long as operation of brothels, adult inns are in place women will not realize their dignity and human rights.

Prostitution is a form of human trafficking and must be illegalized universally as it exploits and ravage women. Many people believe that prostitution is not an employment option as it is trading in human body which is sacred. Prostitution degrades women and corrupt man.

The society must not adopt an attitude of despising to women who are victims of human trafficking and prostitution. As many are deceived and forced by unbearable situations. Vulnerable women need help and protection of the society.

Success of any society should be measured in terms of how its weakest member’s e.g. vulnerable immigrants, women and children a! re viewe d and treated. Its not only Zimbabwean women who are victim’s prostitution in South Africa, the locals and women from Swaziland, Zambia, Malawi, China and Europe are also being trafficked.

People feel that the laws that illegalize prostitution must be enacted and enforced. And the police should bust brothels, inns and other adult places which are trading in women. How can they destroy the dignity of women for the seek of pleasure and money?

Individuals, organizations, and Churches are the watchdogs of human rights. Therefore should reach out to the women who are hurt, exploited and oppressed in brothels and adult places.

Life is short and time is running out. Something must be done to ensure human rights, dignity and sacredness of women.

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