Inclusive Govt a Fraud to Keep Mugabe, Zanu PF in Power

Monday, 16 February 2009 11:19

ZIMBABWE’S hitherto main opposition, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has entered into agreement for a unity government with arch-rival Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime.
The so called inclusive government was supposed to be formed from 11 to 13 February 2009.

While the MDC and Zanu PF discussed the setting up of a unity government thousands of human rights activists, political dissenters, and MDC supporters remained in jails for exercising their freedom of speech.
Hundreds have been tortured and murdered by police, soldiers, CIO and war veterans.

If the unity government works out, well and good for MDC. However, many Zimbabweans consider the so called Government of National Unity (GNU) a fraud and betrayal. It means the MDC has capitulated.
At grassroots level Zimbabweans don’t want a unity government that allows corrupt, murderous Zanu PF officials to continue to rule. Thousands of Zimbabweans have been tortured and murdered because of their support to the MDC.

What is imperative and necessary in Zimbabwe is the complete removal of both Mugabe and his illegitimate Zanu PF from government. Zanu PF is a criminal enterprise responsible for massive corruption, genocide and deliberate starvation of Zimbabweans.

At this juncture Zimbabwe needs justice. Justice means protection from suffering. Zimbabweans demand the punishment of Zanu PF officials for corruption, genocide, torture and murder of innocent people. Zanu PF militias and the so-called war veterans must be brought before the courts for widespread murder, rape, torture, robbing, theft, looting and vandalism.

The unity government will only serve to protect Zanu PF criminals. Zanu PF officials should be held accountable for all these crimes against humanity which started as early as 1983. Zanu PF was corrupt, murderous and oppressive from the very beginning.

The inclusive government, if it succeeds, means the betrayal of the Zimbabweans by MDC politicians. Without justice and elimination of corruption Zimbabwe will not heal. Zanu PF politicians are corrupt and cannot be trusted with public funds. Even in unity with MDC they will still continue with the culture of corruption, bureaucracy and human rights abuse.

The MDC has been telling Zimbabweans and the world that Zanu PF is guilty of corruption and crimes against humanity. Now they have joined these criminals and corrupt officials in the so called unity government. Surely, the millions of Zimbabweans who fled persecution, murder, torture and oppression now have no hope of ever returning home in the near future.

Zimbabwe unity government will be just as illegitimate as the Zanu PF administration it is replacing and a mockery of justice. The European Union, America, Britain and other countries must refuse to recognise such a travesty of justice.
Any deal that leaves Mugabe in power or Zanu PF officials in control must not be recognised. Mugabe has lost presidential elections. By fraud, manipulation, propaganda and oppression he is still in power.

Calls for the UN Security Council to intervene in Zimbabwe should continue. The Zimbabwean humanitarian crisis must not be left in the hands of Sadc or the African Union (AU).
The majority of Sadc and AU leaders are dictators. President Yoweri Museveni (Uganda) has labelled the AU a trade union of criminals. These regional organisations and the ruling ANC government in South Africa have used all the means at their disposal to prevent the government that won elections to come to power in Zimbabwe. ANC is trying all dirty tricks to keep Mugabe and Zanu PF in power.

There is so much suffering in Zimbabwe. Thousands of people are dying of hunger and lack of medical attention every week in Zimbabwe. Now cholera has killed more than 3 000 people. I appeal to Christians all over the world to please help us stop the suffering in Zimbabwe.
I urge them to put Zimbabwe on their prayer lists and write to their political leaders encouraging them to support Zimbabweans in our quest for freedom, liberation, and human rights.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

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