Politically Engineered Violence Against Immigrants Has Gripped South Africa

Date Posted: Tuesday 20-May-2008

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In Johannesburg, South Africa 9 foreigners are dead, more than 50 are injured. Several business owned by foreigners have been looted and destroyed. The most targeted people in this violence are Zimbabweans. These mobs are moving around Alexandra Township, Johannesburg CBD, Rosentenville and Turfontein.

The Mail and Guardian reports, “Five people were killed and 50 were injured on Sunday when xenophobic attacks spread to Cleveland.”

Police spokesperson, Captain Cheryl Engelbrecht said the violence started at about 1am. Foreigners, mainly Zimbabweans, were attacked at the Cleveland informal settlement.

“Two people were burnt and three people were beaten to death. Fifty others were taken to various hospitals for gunshot and stab wounds. About 300 people are seeking refuge at the Cleveland police station and more are coming in,” she said.

I blame the ANC for this violence. All these years the ANC, COSATU, and many South African newspapers have been fueling xenophobia and hatred of foreigners. ‘They take our jobs, there are coming to our land, there are criminals.’ Newspapers like the Citizen have been breeding hatred against foreigners – the foreigners come to South Africa for bread and butter.

If there was bread and butter, then more than 2 million jobless South Africans should be working. I don’t believe all foreigners are coming to South Africa for jobs and this so-called bread and butter. Zimbabweans are fleeing state atrocities, terrorism, torture and abduction.

The ANC government must protect foreigners not just talking. Many people are complaining that those perpetrating crimes are not being arrested. Majority of black police officers are xenophobic and do not take seriously cases reported by foreigners against South African criminals.

Violence against foreigners is not just spontaneous; the ANC blames Inkata Freedom Party read more on: http://www.news24.com/News24/South_Africa/New…ANC accuses IFP of Alex attacks

This violence has increased after SA President, Thabo Mbeki has returned from meeting Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Mbeki supports Mugabe’s dictatorship. Majority of Zimbabweans in South Africa have fled Mugabe’s atrocities. This violence against foreigners is being coordinated somewhere. South African authorities hate foreigners. And have failed dismally to protect foreigners.


ANC leaders are very clever and tactful. If this violence is being planned in ANC meetings obvious they will not tell the media that. To the media they will condemn it. But in their hearts they will be happy. Mbeki has been saying that “there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.” All along ZUMA has been praising a marxist dictator, Mugabe who came to power through violence sponsored by Red China.

Zimbabweans are being subjected to violence every day not only from bloody thirst mobs, but from many members of South African Police Services. These police officers regard Zimbabweans as their source of extra income. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have failed to get asylum permits; police arrest them and demand bribes.

The ANC has closed Home Affairs Offices that process asylum permits in Johannesburg. Zimbabweans and other foreigners fleeing wars in their countries are in difficult situation. Many sell in streets but the Metro police forbid them and seize their goods.

We condemn use of Police, Home Affairs (which unnecessarily delay asylum permit applications), and mob violence to eliminate refugees.

ANC STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST FOREIGNERS. If you are genuine that you love refugees stop deportations of people to Zimbabwe. UK has stopped deportation of refugees. South Africa is a lawless country. Corruption, violent crime, car hijacking, violence against foreigners is widespread. The ANC government does not speak the truth about crime statistics. Crime is also being used to eliminate SA white farmers. South Africa will soon be like Zimbabwe.

No peace here! No democracy here! No justice here! No hope here! South African Churches must: condemn political violence against foreigners and at the same time expose corruption and wickedness in high places. Silence in face of evil is not a virtue. The Church is the watchdog.

Tell others about what is happening in South Africa.

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