The Organ of National Reconciliation and Healing is a mockery of justice

Foundation of Reason and Justice
December 11, 2009

The organ of National Reconciliation and healing in located in President Mugabe’s office. Three ministers are leading it: Sekai Holland from MDC Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda from MDC representing Arthur Mutambara and John Nkomo representing ZANU PF.

Innocent Zimbabweans have endured massive violence from ZANU PF leaders, Police, Army, CID, CIO, and Militias. Thousands of women were raped by ZANU PF militias. Rape was being used as a political weapon to punish or victimize women who do not support ZANU. Tens of thousands were tortured by ZANU PF for refusing to support Mugabe’s dictatorship.

Thousands of opposition supporters have been murdered. Men and women were abducted during the night; dead bodies of some were found in old mine shafts, lakes, farms and water tanks. These people were being abducted and murdered by ZANU PF’s CIO, Soldiers, Police and Militias.

ZANU PF wants to cover up tracks for all these crimes and inhumanities. If the National Reconciliation is faithfully, it must punish the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. Crime must be punished for; Victims of crime must be compensated by those responsible – ZANU PF officials who were responsible for unleashing terror on political opponents.

The Mugabe’s controlled organ of National Healing is a hoax and cover up for hideous crimes against Zimbabweans. People need justice, compensation, protection and security. Justice means punishment of perpetrators and compensation of victims.

In Zimbabwe forgiveness is for the benefit of the perpetrator, Biblical forgiveness is for the seek of the victim. Forgiveness is a spiritual therapy to the victim. Forgiveness does not mean the perpetrator should not be punished or that compensation should not be paid to the victims of rape, arson, assault, or any other injury. Quasi Christian principles are being formulated by self-seeking, and wicked politicians and the so- called man of the cloth, to protect criminals.

The reconciliation and healing is the work of the Church. Political leaders are meant to bring justice for the oppressed and to punish criminals such as ZANU PF officials; partisans who were perpetrating crimes against innocent Zimbabweans.

MDC politicians must not be used by Mugabe and ZANU PF in attempt to cover up for crimes that are being committed. Zimbabwe will never heal until justice is done to the victims.

Many Zimbabweans are angry with this Reconciliation and Healing headed by self-seeking politicians. Leaders who accept anything, so long they attain power and wealthy.

Violence in Zimbabwe was being contrived in Mugabe’s ZANU PF offices, now these villains (leaders) are talking about forgiveness and reconciliation. Perpetrators are not being told to apologise and compensate. Victims have no platform to speak out. Those who try to speak out are still beaten or murdered. The MDC and ZANU PF Reconciliation and Healing is a mockery of justice and true healing. Victims of crime should forgive but that does not prevent them from demanding compensation and restraining perpetrators.

Zimbabwe is not yet free. Election is a human right. Currently, there is no democratic government in Zimbabwe. Unity government is not the will of the people of Zimbabwe. Unity government is a suppression of the will of the people. The authority to rule comes from the people. Free and fair elections, are imperatively needed in Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa
Johannesburg, South Africa.
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