Date Posted: Friday 30-May-2008

29 May 2008

Presidents: Jacob Zuma & Thabo Mbeki

Dear Presidents

I write this letter to voice my concern appertain to your government’s treatment of immigrants and refugees.

South Africans see members of police harassing refugees and demanding bribes almost on daily basis. They got the impression that your ANC government does not want refugees and any other foreigners. Therefore by violence they are helping your government efforts to eliminate foreigners.

Refugees and foreigners don’t need empty talking but protection. I suggest that your government do the following:

Stop deportation of Zimbabweans.

Stop xenophobia and mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers by the Police and Home Affairs officials.

Swiftly prosecute people committing violence against refugees and other immigrants.

Thousands of South African citizens including many members of the police are involved in violence and crime against foreigners but we have not heard of hundreds of perpetrators being brought to courts. Is the ANC interested in performing justice to immigrants or in pleasing its supporters some who are involved in violence against foreigners? Justice means punishment of the offenders and protection of the innocent.

Most of the crimes against refugees are committed by respected members of police. People have lost faith and respect in the South African Police Services because most of their members demand bribes from poor immigrants. Some male police officers demand sex in order to free refugee women from custody.

No human rights society can tolerate these evils being practiced by police. Refugees do not need pity and empty talking but real protection. Words of our leaders must be accompanied by action.

As I’m writing this letter many police stations are full of desperate Zimbabweans awaiting deportation. It is my prayer that this apartheid against foreigners be put to an end.

Yours for true freedom & justice,

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

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