Xenophobic violence grips South Africa ahead of 2010 World Cup

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Xenophobic violence grips South Africa ahead of 2010 World Cup

By Collen Makumbirofa –Foundation of Reason & Justice 

People thought violence against refugees and other immigrants in South Africa has come to end. In 2008 foreigners from Zimbabwe and Mozambique have suffered a lot from political engineered violence and many have died. More than 40 foreigners were killed and more than 60 000 were displaced.

Now in Cape Town and DE DOORNS (a farming area about 140km from Cape Town) thousands of foreigners have been attacked by local black South Africans. Homes and Shelters were looted, demolished or burned. In DE DOORNS alone more than 3000 Zimbabweans, man, women, children have been driven out: these include, the blind and sick.

Van Der Westhuizen told IRIN, that on 17 November 2009 local residents threatened to prevent Zimbabweans from going to work.

The Zimbabwe Mail reports that, ‘South African ruling party ANC officials were caught out precipitating the violence and xenophobic attacks of Zimbabweans in De Doorns.

‘According to a report in the City Press, an ANC councilor has been identified as precipitating the violence against foreigners in De Doorns, by inciting the local community to destroy the homes of Zimbabwean immigrants.’

Wilfred Solomons-Johannes of the City of Cape Town’s  reports, “emergency call centers is being hampered by the large number of calls from well-meaning residents who want to provide assistance in some or other form to the victims of xenophobic violence,”

Jeanne Pierre Misago, a researcher at the Wits University Forced Migration Studies Programme states, “The community leaders – the street committees, the comrades, the CPF (Community Policing Forum) as they are called – are involved.”

The South African politicians are not doing enough to cushion refugees and immigrants from violence. Misago further state “Politicians have nothing to gain by protecting unwanted foreigners in society,”

PASSOP’s Braam Hanekom lashed out at local authorities, accusing them of not doing enough to prevent the attacks. … The government has since been more interested in “hiding how serious this problem is ahead of the World Cup next year than actually dealing with it.”

More than 22 South Africans have been arrested but many people doubt whether convictions for violence, arson, assault, theft, robbery etc…will take place. The locals attacking foreigners are filled with hatred and tribalism towards foreigners who have come for refugee in South Africa. More than 3million Zimbabweans have taken refugee in South Africa. There is no peace nor good life in Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s ZANU PF government is deliberately starving and murdering innocent people.

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