Many leaders of MUGABE’S ZANU PF government in Zimbabwe are homosexuals.

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Date: Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Many leaders of MUGABE’S ZANU PF government in Zimbabwe are homosexuals.

Many of ZANU PF leaders are homosexuals. Canaan Banana was a ZANU PF
homosexual; he was singled out for criticizing Mugabe over certain
issues. ZANU PF is not a paragon of morality but is responsible for
destroying morality in Zimbabwe- By destroying families, by destroying
the economy, by raping and sodomizing innocent Zimbabweans.
Chester Samba president of Gays and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe
has threatened to expose the names of six well known cabinet
ministers, priests and several ZANU PF bigwigs he claimed were gay and
had solicited sex from his friends and other GALZ members.

MDC-T MP for Mkoba Amos Chibaya threatened to get the Gays and
Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe to expose Zanu-PF bigwigs and
supporters who were “closet homosexuals.”
According to Bulawayo 24 News the late General Solomon Mujuru was
anti-gay, but unlike other Zanu-PF supporters did not continuously
criticise other people because he knew some of his colleagues (in ZANU
PF) were gay.

“In August 2009, a 31 year old Bulawayo man Mncedisi Twala,
sensationally claimed that the then ZANU PF National Chairman and now
Vice President, John Nkomo, molested him in April 2002. Twala claims
the Minister then tried to kiss him while pressing his body against
his and dancing to country music”

In Zimbabwean jails opponents are punished by ZANU PF prison officials
who set free male rapists to rape other male inmates. ZANU PF talk
over homosexuality is Propaganda and Psychological Warfare. Forget
about ZANU PF being right or representing morality. This organization
is fully of Satanism, cruel lies and hypocrisy.

Thousands of Zimbabwean men have been sodomized in ZANU PF prisons.
Prison officials encourage rapists to rape MDC activists and other
political opponents. Prisoners are raped right in front of prisoner
officials. When a new government gets into power, it must implement
prison reforms: to separate hardened criminals serving long term
sentences from new offenders. Prisoners must be treated well and be
fed and reformed.

ZANU PF government of President Robert Mugabe is polluting everything
in the country from family to the School. Our culture and morality has
been destroyed by ZANU PF. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have been
forced into exile. Millions of Zimbabweans have been forced to leave
the country to work in neighboring countries- this has been
responsible for destroying family ties, morality and social fabric.

What about those ZANU PF leaders engaging in homosexuality through
raping other male? This is terrible! The evils we know about ZANU PF
leaders is just a tip of an iceberg. A lot is going to come out when
ZANU PF is forced to leave power.
propaganda. ZANU PF has lost power and is struggling for a taint of
legitimacy that is the reason why it talks Propaganda about the West.
ZANU PF was sponsored by the West during the liberation struggle:
World Council of Churches, World Lutheran Federation and United
Nations all funded ZANU PF. Individuals like Peter Thatchel a UK gay
activist also funded and supported ZANU PF during the liberation
struggle. The British and the American official put Mugabe on power in

During the 1980s Mugabe’s ZANU PF received massive funding from the
West and European Union. But ZANU PF leaders failed to use these funds
for the benefit of the country and the poor in Zimbabwe because they
are greed and selfish. Now people can see ZANU PF and Western links.
Reasonable and logical people will not listen to the hogwash and ZANU
PF propaganda about the West. Right now ZANU PF has become a puppet of
China. Opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change
(MDC.Tsvangirai) is loved and supported by majority of Zimbabweans.

The Western concept is ZANU PF propaganda and intelligence gimmick to
stay in power. Before long ZANU PF leaders were banking their
money-stolen money in Western banks after they have been slapped with
personal sanctions by the West for misuse of donations and vicious
human rights abuses they start to scream,’ West, West,  West’. The
Chinese (sponsoring ZANU PF dictatorship) are an evil government and
extremely oppressive to their own people. Chinese economy depends
largely on America. Majority of Chinese people are suffering mental
and physical slavery from their government. Red China is a monster to
this World.
Read the following about ZANU leaders who are homosexual and its true:
| Zanu-PF chairman John Nkomo accused of sodomy”

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice
Johannesburg, South Africa

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