MDC leader Roy Bennett in exile calls for Resistance against ZANU PF

11 October 2012

It’s good that a serious MDC leader, Roy Bennett in exile is calling for resistance against ZANU PF. Bennett is an ex-white farmer he is loved and supported by hundreds of thousands of black Zimbabweans.

Some few years back Bennett was attacked and jailed by Mugabe’s police. Now his co-workers Minister of Energy Elton Mangoma and MDC Youth Leader Solomon Madzore have been arrested by ZANU PF secret police. Madzore is still at Chikurubi Maximum Prison and ZANU PF is planning to harm him. Some few years back they assassinated Lenmore Jongwe was in a filth prison. These are all crimes against humanity which ZANU PF is committing.

Now Zimbabweans must heed Roy Bennett’s call for resistance. The D-Day for ZANU PF atrocities and savages is coming. In Bennett’s words its, “Time to drive them out.”

“Friends, I am disgusted and angered by the arrest of my colleague Elton Mangoma and continued persecution of MDC members. We are treated as if we are nobodies – it is another slap in the face of the people of Zimbabwe who elected us. It confirms yet again that that the people’s will means nothing to ZANU-PF. I am sick and tired of hearing the argument, “if we react this is what they want; if we pull out this is what they want” etc. etc. How long do we let them set the agenda? How long do we let them call the shots? Let’s remember that they were on their face in 2008 – broke and rejected by the people. They were done and dusted! Enough is enough. It’s time to pull out and go back to the trenches.

No more violence, no more arbitrary arrests. It is Mugabe, the illegitimate president, and his cronies that should be thrown into jail. We do not owe anything to ZANU and we want no favors from them. We offered them the hand of reason for the sake of our half-dead nation, but they continue their project of spin, deceit and brutality. What we did for the people is turned around and thrown back in our faces.

But this is ZANU-PF. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!!! Time to drive them out.” Roy Bennett

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Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

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