Political Activist condemns the murder of two MDC supporters in Zimbabwe.

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Political Activist Mr. Collen Makumbirofa condemns the murder of two MDC supporters in Zimbabwe*

I categorically condemn the murder of two MDC supporters, Sharukai* Mukwena
and Shepherd Bandau *by ZANU PF regime of President Robert Mugabe.

Shurukai Mukwena* first had his hands chopped by ZANU PF militias. *“He
was murdered apparently for showing the MDC party symbol which is an open

Shepherd Bandau* was killed by the infamous *Chipangano,* ZANU PF youth
militias. *“The MDC-T said that Bandau had been on his way home on Friday
when 10 Chipangano members approached and started assaulting him.”*

Zanu pf government of President Robert Mugabe has a track record of
murdering, torturing and raping political opponents. Tens of thousands of
Zimbabweans have been tortured for opposing ZANU PF misrule and corruption.
Thousands of opposition women have been raped by ZANU PF sanctioned

Zimbabwe is a country in serious conflict. The ZANU PF regime has unleashed
terror on civilians. The unity government between ZANU PF and MDC has not
brought any improvements on human rights situation.  ZANU PF continues to
commit atrocities with impunity. This government is illegitimate, criminal
and has been rejected by majority of Zimbabweans; it rigged 2000 and 2008
presidential elections.

Mugabenizm (ZANU PF’s regime acts of rape, murder, torture, violence,
corruption, deliberate starvation of opponents, election rigging etc…) in
Zimbabwe is a crime against humanity. Mugabenizm is worse than apartheid.

This is a call to you to support the struggle for freedom and justice in
Zimbabwe in any way. Please contact us.

A secret war is going on in Zimbabwe:

Collen Makumbirofa

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