What if ZANU PF wins elections in Zimbabwe?

July 28, 2013

I am inspired by the following article that Mr. Collen Makumbirofa wrote.
It can also be seen of his Facebook account: www.facebook.com/makumbirofa

Letter to Zimbabwe Independent Economist, Vince Musewe in response to
his article, “What if Zanu-PF wins?”

Dear Vince.

I dismiss the possibility of ZANU PF victory in any free and fair
elections. By rigging, violence, intimidation and tempering with
voter’s role obvious ZANU PF will win forthcoming 2013 elections.
Those who have benefited from Zanu pf land grab are few.

In preparation for systematic election rigging ZANU PF wants to create
an impression that it has got support from majority of Zimbabweans
which is a big lie. Zimbabweans have a long back rejected Mugabe’s
ZANU PF. Majority of voter’s are in urban areas. MDC and other
opposition parties must not accept elections without electoral reforms
and monitoring of International Community or the coming election
charade would play into hands of ZANU PF.

The stupid, racist and evil SADC will obviously endorse rigged
election in Zimbabwe as they have done to 2002 and 2008 elections. In
Africa SADC has almost endorsed every dictator and condemned those who
fight dictators. Surely every African coconut leader, or hyena or
witch has been supported by SADC. Concerning elections majority of
Zimbabweans are not foolish to be fooled by an 88 year old Mugabe and
his yes ZANU PF Cabinet. Mugabe was rejected in 2002 and 2008
elections. What has he done to change people’s misery?

ZANU PF continue to worsen people’s suffering by violence, corruption,
killings and seizure of business which is chasing away investors and
scaring potential investor’s from the country. Zimbabweans must unite
and resist all Zanu PF attempts to perpetuate its illegitimate rule.

Zimbabwe business men must also sponsor the struggle for liberation of
Zimbabwe not just to wish good things happen. ZANU PF will never ever
capitulate, these are extremists and religious fanatics who will kill
whoever stand in way of their ambitions. They will order more rockets
and heavy arms and tell the MDC ‘go to hell.’

The CIA and M16 are failing to give proper and better advice to MDC to
remove the dictator and the MDC is a problem, it does not have the
extremism to tell ZANU PF go to hell, we have won 2008 elections we
are the legitimate ruler’s of Zimbabwe, we have people’s mandate and
authority to govern, Mugabe go, ZANU PF go.

If the worst comes to the worst then MDC must form government in
exile. I tell you even SADC will shake. The West is the only powers
capable of helping MDC or any opposition take power but they will be a
serious civil war. The West has ability
to tell South Africa and SADC that enough is enough with ZANU PF
atrocities. But that can only be possible if the MDC becomes radical
or if another radical opposition rise up in Zimbabwe.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice
www.zimbabwehope.org. www.zimbabwecrisis.org

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