ZANU-PF wants and has always wanted gay rights to be protected in Zimbabwe.

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22 November 2011


  1. The gay rights issue has taken a very sharp and interesting twist in the constitutional debate. It has emerged that ZANU-PF wants and has always wanted gay rights to be protected in Zimbabwe.


In the recent weeks, Party President PM Morgan Tsvangirai was demonized and ridiculed by ZANU-PF and its mouth piece for merely expressing his personal view that he will not persecute gays if their rights happen to be protected by the new Constitution.


ZANU-PF’’ s hypocrisy has been exposed.


The ZANU-PF sponsored 2000 draft Constitution which was rejected by the people of Zimbabwe led by the MDC, the NCA and their allies, sought to protect gay rights.


The AIPPA which ZANU-PF uses to muzzle the media and arrest journalists also provides for the protection of gay rights.


We are not even surprised by this kind of ZANU-PF hypocrisy. We know that ZANU-PF homosexualise in the evening but make a lot of noise during the day. A civic organization campaigning for gay rights has threatened to name and shame ZANU-PF gays.


If President Mugabe who signed the Jonathan Moyo AIPPA into law was not duped by his gay ministers and MPs, then he also supports gay rights yet he castigates them in public.


  1. 002. MDC Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore’s bail hearing is expected to proceed at the high court in Harare today.


The repeated postponements of President Madzore’s bail hearing are clear testimony of political interference with the frivolous and porous case.


The MDC Youth Assembly President has produced affidavits to show that he was nowhere near Glen view on the day the police officer died. His lawyer has also argued that he should be freed since the police have finished their investigation in the matter.


We wait to see today if there is another lame excuse from the public prosecutor.


  1. 003. Attention will also be in Parliament today where Finance Minister Biti will present the budget for 2012.


As usual we in the MDCSA expect Minister Biti to continue supporting economic growth through maintaining financial discipline whilst addressing challenges facing key sectors of our economy.

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