Zimbabwe: Bring down the evil dictator Robert Mugabe

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 9:47 AM

(Please Remember to make your small donation of $20 or $50 or more. Our priority now is FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY FOR ZIMBABWE. With disillusionment, widespread starvation, chaos, state bankrupt, anger of citizens, Zimbabwe is ripe for freedom. NOW IS THE TIME! Mugabe & his men will soon run. 91 year old evil dictator Mugabe must go so that Zimbabweans can start rebuilding the economy & have peace.

Human rights & political activists are being suppressed, attacked, beaten and tortured. Rights activist Itai Dzamara who was abducted by state secret police (CIO) 2 months ago has not yet been returned and is feared dead . Thank you to all who Donated last time. Your donation is private will not be published on our websites or social networks. Our PAYPAL email is: makumbirofa )

South Africa and other African leaders should stand with the oppressed Zimbabweans not to stand with the devil, dictator Mugabe. 91 year old Mugabe has nothing to offer Africa except his stupid racist outbursts, propaganda, corruption and state terrorism. People want food, jobs, peace and security.

Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s rule is economical unproductive and a burden to Africa. African leaders should go beyond personal interests and think of Africa. The collapse of Mugabe’s regime is number 1 progress to Africa.

Mugabe must go. His ZANU PF regime must be uprooted and its leaders be put on trial for massacres, election rigging and other crimes against humanity.

Zimbabwe Opposition: MDC. T and other political parties must not wait for 2018 elections which will be rigged. ZANU PF has mastered all methods of election rigging.

All Zimbabweans from different political parties must unite. Our priority should be to remove ZANU PF from power and form a transitional government to restore law and order in preparation for free and fair elections.
We need a spirit of unity. We need single purpose: Removing ZANU PF and putting its leaders on trial for crimes against humanity.

by Collen Makumbirofa

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