Zimbabwe need new government- democratically elected government.

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At the border posts the Zimbabwean government is now charging 40% on
goods brought into the country -all kinds of goods. Today l met women
who were recently from the Beitbridge border, they told me how the
have been charged 40% tax on blankets and shoes they had bought for
their children. This is day light robbery and theft by a cruel and
corrupt government which is refusing to hand over power to legitimate

Zimbabwean people are working hard in Diaspora to support their
families in this impoverished and crisis torn country. But the ruling
elites continue persecuting political dissenters, stealing the
resources of the nation and stealing from people at border posts..

Zimbabwe will never be right with ZANU PF in power. Zimbabwe need new
government- democratically elected government. Mugabe must step down.
ZANU PF must give up power since it lost the mandate to rule when
Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted for the MDC in both 2002 and 2008
presidential elections.

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