Zimbabwe Unity Government must come to an end!

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Subject: Zimbabwe Unity Government must come to an end!
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Zimbabwe Unity Government must come to an end!
by Collen Makumbirofa
The good news is that Robert Mugabe is not a legitimate president of Zimbabwe. He was rejected by the people on 29 March 2008 elections. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) T, should pull out of the useless government of national unity with ZANU PF.

ALL ZANU PF LEADERS ARE CORRUPT, EVIL AND UNREPENTENT IN THEIR HEARTS. Mugabe did not commit atrocities in Matabeleland alone. Mugabe worked together with his fellows in ZANU PF government. This government has been murdering innocent people since 1980. Zimbabweans have been subjected to oppression, starvation, and serious persecutions by all ZANU PF leaders.

The people voted for MDC because they no longer want corrupt and wicked leaders in ZANU. For the MDC to continue considering unity with ZANU PF will be an act of cowardice and serious pervasion. It will be betrayal of the will of the people.

If the MDC continue with ZANU PF leaders in unity government it means that:

1. It does not want to get rid of corruption that is now present in every area of ZANU government. All ZANU PF leaders are corrupted and must be rooted out completely like cancer.
2. It does not want to pursue justice by prosecuting these ZANU criminals who are torturing, starving, murdering, and despising people.

“When justice is done it brings joy to the righteous, but terror to evil doers.” Proverbs 21:15

Tens of thousands of innocent people have died in the hands of ZANU PF between 1980 and 1990. Thousands have been murdered since 2000 for supporting the MDC T. Uniting with ZANU or including some of its members in the new government will be an insult to all patriotic Zimbabweans including the dead.

No short cuts to our freedom or liberation. ZANU PF has been defeated over polls, therefore, must go.

Zimbabwe must be free. I call for unity among all Zimbabweans of all colors and tribes. Mugabe must not be allowed to continue with his misrule without any resistance. I’m not optimistic of support coming from the SADC. Behind scenes many SADC leaders sympathies with Mugabe, therefore, will not condemn his atrocities or help stop genocide and suffering in Zimbabwe.

The MDC T must also be reminded that it is going to be rejected by the people if it continues prolonging ZANU PF’s stay in power. Zimbabweans want freedom and liberation of the country. Please support us financial for real change in Zimbabwe.

Foundation of Reason & Justice will work for liberation of Zimbabwe.

Email: foundationof@gmail.com

This article by Zimbabwe Activist Collen Makumbirofa was published in Gambia: http://gambiaaffairs.blogspot.com/2011/10/gambia-affairsgambiamdc-must-not.html

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