Zimbabweans must stop General Chivengwa! Chihuri and zimhondi must resign now.

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Zimbabweans must stop General Chivengwa! Chihuri and zimhondi must resign now.

Hey Norman

I totally agree with you. All ZANU PF leaders must go. Their hands are
fully of incompetence and innocent blood and above all Zimbabweans no
longer want them.

I have mentioned it a long back that Mugabe has been rejected by
people of his clan. We need new leaders not this nonsense of unity
government -a government incoperating rapists, murderers, witches and
criminals of all sorts.

“I do agree with you collen but we only left with one thing as you
know. President Tsvangirai has proved that he can do more .so now we
as zimbabweans must stop Chivengwa ,Chihuri, zimhondi they must resign

I agree Chivengwa ,Chihuri, zimhondi must be stopped.  Chiwenga cannot
be our president. We want good political leaders not criminals who
have been torturing innocent people and looting our wealth.

Viva New Zimbabwe without ZANU PF terrorists, thugs and criminals.


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Subject: engine overhaul

If you are doing engine overhaul you need to put every thing new so
now we need to put new guys to run the country
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Robert Mugabe was rejected by the people of his clan after his
socialist experiment failed, bankrupting millions. Mugabe lost all the
popularity because of his wicked economic policies, genocide, reign of
terror, starvation of dissenters, terrorism, stubbornness,
unrepentance and arrogance.

Millions of Zimbabweans rejected Mugabe and his ZANU PF cabinet in
March 2002 and March 2008 presidential elections. Mugabe lost the
elections by far margins but manipulated the results to have a run
off, giving him more opportunity to steal more votes and murder
political enemies.

Also God has rejected Mugabe. God changed the hearts of Zimbabweans to
reject him in elections. Mugabe is not God’s servant in Romans 13.
Christians have made a mistake to think Mugabe is a servant of God. He
is a servant of satan. Which God can approve a murderer, an atheist, a
liar and a thief such as Mugabe to rule over His people? Mugabe is
ruling in rebellion against man and God. He is a beast in Revelation
13 & 16. Mugabe manages to rule because the Zimbabwean Church was
sleeping. Majority of Christians were indifferent to God’s justice and
the cries of help from the poor & oppressed, many of the poor have
already died.
“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as
iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
He has also rejected you from being king. ” 1 Samuel 15:23

I blame the World Council of Churches, British and American officials
for assisting Mugabe to come into power in 1980. Within six months of
coming to power Mugabe was already conducting his reign of terror.
Ndebele people (in Matebeleland) experienced the horrors of genocide
in 1983. The Ndebele’s and other people continued to live in fear
until to date. ZANU PF is using same tactics it used to murder 40 000
Ndebele’s in the 80s. Therefore l say Zimbabwe was never free under

Bishop Abel Muzorewa (first black Prime Minister), was opposed to
violent changes said to vote for Mugabe is to vote for continuation of
violence. “Violent changes will result in absolute chaos.”

Prime Minister Smith told Bishop Abel Morewa that, “if people think
I’m standing in the way of change l will leave politics and retire to
my farm.  l’m worried about the future of whites and the future of
this country. Ian Smith had genuine fears and concerns for

My uncle was a police officer and he died in the war defending the
country from the communist takeover. If l was there during the time of
Smith’s rule l was going to join the army and fight the communists.
Mugabe was an evil man even during the war, a communist who was never
ashamed of talking about his desire for one part state. Only the truth
shall set us free, John 8:32

Many of Smith’s political enemies survived jails. The cruelties of
Mugabe’s ZANU PF against fellow blacks were not seen in Rhodesia.
Horrific atrocities in the war were committed by ZANU. Our parents
bought property that includes farms. We didn’t need communists to take
over. Communism is satanic.

Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason & Justice,

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