Attention: Response to my article Mthwakazi Liberation Front is vicious tribal and evil

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Subject: Attention: Response to my article Mthwakazi Liberation Front
is vicious tribal and evil

Mthwakazi Liberation Front is vicious tribal and evil

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sorry for coming back late.i strongly would like to applaud  you on
your fight fight with zanu-pf which is good for the nation and
Trouble is what we have is a situation resembling post-world-war1 in
europe where the victors flexed their musclesand leaving nothing to
the losers who had really BOWED their heads.If you did history you
will realise how quickly
that failed and directly led to a bitter and worse second conflict.
I;m not saying they won second time again,but there is absolutely
nothing to stop the carnage How about suicide bomber in Mbare?
Please note this is not a threat but just an example.Zanu-pf should
have tried to make some kind of an inquiry to allow some of the
affected understand the situation better

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 5:23 PM, Zimcrisis News <> wrote:

Dear Mqondisi

Thanks for the time to write, l appreciate that. First of all l have
to make it clear that l am not against an action to stop ZANU PF from
committing atrocities. l think some guys in the Mthwakazi are mad or
the guys l engaged with are real CIO at action- promoting hatred
between Shona’s and Ndebeles.

Before l even wrote anything (any article) about Mthwakazi l requested
for an appointment to meet anyone from the group so that l can hear
about their vision Since l had also the idea or l supported the idea
of having two government in Zimbabwe, one from Matebeleland and
another one from Mashonaland as a means of having equal representation
and decentralizing authority. To prevent dictatorship in future of
Zimbabwe. (My article:

l wrote an email to your leaders (that was before l wrote any article
about Mthwakazi. The l was threatened with death. Before long l
started to hear media reports that that some CIOs are in Mthwakazi
Liberation Front, l heard of divisions and l heard of many leaders in
MLF resigning because others are threatening them with death. My view
and sympathy for MLF changed. l started to suspect this movement as a
ZANU PF offshoot or as an organisation lead by people who hate Shona’s
and are bent on promoting divisions and tribalism between the two
major tribes in Zimbabwe.

l have to set the record clear. l am a staunch supporter of freedom
and liberation of Zimbabwe from Mugabe’s ZANU PF bloodthirsty regime.
l love to see Zimbabweans working for freedom of their country even
though l may not be involved in their formations.

l don’t have a problem with any political formation except ZANU PF or
group that support ZANU PF. I DON’T hate Mthwakazi Liberation Front, l
hate tribalism which some of the leaders of Mthwakazi Liberation Front
are promoting.

Its a lie to say Shona’s committed genocide in Matebeleland. Its a
minority with power that committed a genocide. ZANU PF leaders without
approval of Shona people committed a genocide. Enos Nkala a Ndebele
was also involved in the genocide and was right at the forefront of
Matebeleland atrocities.

The blame for genocide remains Mugabe’s ZANU PF responsibility. Mugabe
used force and violence to gain supporters in Mahonaland. People
supported ZANU PF out of fear. Even during the liberation struggle
people did not like ZANU PF. But they were murdered, intimidated and
forced to support ZANU PF.

So to blame the whole shona tribe for what few leaders have done
without approval of the majority is misrepresentation. We must promote
unity among all tribes not to do anything that engenders another
tribe. Lets be fair.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice
Zim Crisis News

On 1/19/12, mqondisi xxxxxxxx <mqoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> boss i clearly hear that you blaming zanu-pf and quickly focus on
> stopping mthwakazi,not engaging them,i mean if you are perfect you
> surely will be willing to stop calling shonas to arm and engage in
> corrective discussion,as for me I GREW UP IN RURAL MATOBO,guess what
> was happening when i met shonas{sadza ne nyama yehuku}GENOCIDE BY
> On Oct 13 2011, 12:07 pm, Zimcrisis News <zimcris…> wrote:

A group demanding independence of Matabeleland is very tribal and evil.

l don’t think Zimbabweans we should support the independence of
Matabeleland. The Mtwakazi Liberation Front is very tribal. If you go
to their meetings in Johannesburg they are very tribal and are
promoting hatred of Shona’s. Gukurahundi is their marketing strategy.
We shonas (all shonas) are
accused of having committed genocide against Ndebeles. They say all
shonas are evil
>> and have been oppressing ndebeles. They are gaining political mirage by
>> lies
>> and promoting hatred of Shonas. Shonas we are now hated by most Ndebeles
>> in
>> South Africa because of these few self seeking leaders who realised that
>> they cannot achieve their political agendas by fair means.
>> Gukurahundi was committed by Mugabe and it will remain Mugabe and ZANU PF
>> responsibility alone. Also it must be made clear that Lobengula invaded
>> Madzimbabwe and committed genocide against Shonas it will be ridiculous
>> for
>> Shonas to accuse present day Ndebeles for genocide against Shonas in the
>> same way it is ridiculous for Mthwakazi liberation front to accuse Shonas
>> for what powerful elites have done without approval of shona people. l
>> used
>> to respect the Mthwakazi but l have seen that these guys are
fully of evil
>> intentions and are bent of promoting tribal conflict between shona and
>> Ndebele. Therefore Ndebeles and shonas we should fight for one and new
>> Zimbabwe together. Unity is precious.
>> What lam saying ladies and gentleman is serious. Mthwakazi is promoting
>> tribalism and hatred of Shona people in South Africa. The trumpet should
>> be
>> sounded throughout Mashonaland our tribe is in danger. If lies are
>> repeated
>> for long time they start to become like truth.
>> By Collen Makumbirofa, Foundation of Reason & Justice, email:


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