Interesting information: ZANU PF MP RAPED

The Zimbabwe Online Newspaper (24-03- 2007) report that, “Mudzi West legislator, Acqueline Katsande was gang raped by two armed robbers who later stole household property worth about millions of dollars in her home in Mudzi”

I thank God for this. Rape is wrong and a capital offence that must be punished by death. These rapists must be arrested and punished by the government. This is what God wants Government to do by issuing rapist with death sentence. Christian leaders who want death sentence to be removed are openly rebelling against God’s law. Christians we must not be holier or more merciful than God.

ZANU PF leaders are robbers, stealing from the poor through exorbitant taxes. Many youth militias who where sanctioned by president Mugabe raped hundreds if not thousands of helpless women. In my community young Women were taken against their will from parents to attend ZANU PF rallies. As a result many were raped. Police would do nothing because they say ‘it’s political.’

ZANU PF government has committed so many vicious acts. All ZANU PF leaders are guilt of either direct crime or complicity. Many Christians are praying that God judge Mugabe and remove his ZANU PF government from power soon.
‘If ZANU PF leaders cannot turn to you in biblical repentance, God may you look upon them for evil not for good. Remember all their wickedness.’

When evil fall upon the wicked we must not feel pity. Christians need a Biblical view of life. I don’t feel pity for ZANU PF leaders. My heart is on the repentant and poor Zimbabweans who are being starved, raped and robbed. May God help and set free the Zimbabweans who are being oppressed by ZANU PF leaders. God destroy the Church persecutor.

Even if Christians who reject that we should pray for the destruction of tyrants do so unknowingly. When Christians pray, ‘your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’  We are praying for destruction of wicked presidents or tyrants. The coming of the Kingdom of God means destruction of other kingdoms. There are two major Kingdoms, God and satan. In each Kingdom there are people, governments, etc…

What ZANU PF is doing its clear it is Satan’s kingdom. Just imagine torturing tens of thousands, vast corruption, torture and murder of innocent citizens. Destroying homes of millions, bulldozing Churches. Bombing independent newspapers and offices of opposition parties. ZANU PF is the vilest regime in history of Zimbabwe and Africa.

It will be good if ZANU PF leaders repent but that does not mean they will be exempted from the punishment of crimes they have committed. Christians must not confuse the spiritual and civil matters. God who is merciful to save the sinner is the God who wants rapist and murderers to be punished with death. For it is foolish for Church leaders to oppose this. To be evasive about this truth is to destroy the society.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

P.O. BOX 61441

Marshall town 2107
South Africa

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