19 September 2005

A prayer to ask God to destroy the wicked is not vengeance. The prayer: God your justice is being perverted, the wicked are very arrogant and proud; their feet bathe in the blood of the innocent. Innocent people are being killed all the time. Elections are being rigged, private property is being looted and destroyed. God everything is beyond our control. We are failing to save wealth and life that is being wasted every day. We cannot avenge but you can. Since you are God who judges the world in righteousness. Please may you destroy your enemies if they don’t want to repent. Amen!

Some weeks ago it was reported that Arch Bishop Ncube of Bulawayo Roman Catholic, has prayed for the death of President Mugabe. There is nothing wrong in praying imprecatory psalms of justice. There are many Christians praying such prayers.

What we need to bear in mind is that some people will be saved by God (those who repent), some will be destroyed for their arrogance and wickedness (those who refuse to repent). This is the home truth, whether we like it or not. The bible says whatever God does is righteous. Therefore we need to pray for the salvation of those who are going to repent to be soon. And for the destruction of the unrelenting wicked to be soon.

Christians must not be more merciful than God. God in His wisdom destroy the political leaders who continue to harden their hearts because there are not complying with His moral laws which guarantee peace, justice and prosperity. Christians need to pray for the salvation and destruction of God’s enemies. Justice means salvation of those who repent and destruction of the wicked.

These prayers are common in the bible. God’s moral law went on to the extent of saying the righteous rejoice when God avenge them Psalms 58:10. Moses and the children of Israel rejoice over the destruction of king Pharaoh, Exodus 15, Psalm 106: 11,12. Saints rejoice over the destruction of Babylon the Great Revelations 15:3,4, 18:20. It means before the destruction of King Pharaoh Moses was yearning for God to execute His justice over King Pharaoh.

What kind of Christians are we who do not rejoice over the destruction of our Pharaoh? In the book of revelation saints prayed, “when shall you avenge the out poured blood of your servants?” Revelation 6:10. It appears as if our minds have been pervaded by the thinking pattern of this world. People spend most of their time defending the rights of convicted, unrepentant rapist and murderers ignoring the rights of unborn babies who are crying for life everyday. Our society is upside down. If you were not important by the time you were in your mothers womb it means even your life now is not important.

By our wilful ignorance we are becoming more and more aligned to Satan. We want coexistence with Satan. When he terrorise us and destroy our economies we cry again- total confusion. God’s judgements are just, Revelation 16:15. Myself l don’t apologise for God’s judgement nor do l have mercy for dictators, if they don’t want to repent may God destroy them. I’m not more merciful than God. Continued existence of a dictator means wasting away of innocent lives.

The fact that God has ordained a government it does not mean every government has His approval. Justice means destruction of God’s enemies.

“Evil man do not understand justice, but those who seek the lord understand it fully.” Proverbs 28:5.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice
P.O. BOX 61441
Marshall town 2107
South Africa 


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