Many people have told me that only Mugabe is a problem in ZANU PF if he goes things will be fine. I was given some examples like that of ZANU PF former Minister Simba Makoni. People must not be deceived the whole ZANU PF is evil. All ZANU PF leaders are evil, anti-God and hard-hearted. If leaders like Simba Makoni are good and capable leaders why are they silent when ZANU PF is destroying the country? Hirelings do not want their position of wealth, fame and stability to be threatened. Some Zimbabweans shock me; do you want self-seeking leaders to rule over you? All ZANU PF leaders must go we want new leaders to rule Zimbabwe with justice.

ZANU PF leaders have divided among themselves the resources of Zimbabwe like a piece of cake. ZANU PF leaders are robbing the poor everyday. Just imagine excessive direct and indirect taxes, corruption, theft of assets from farms and companies. Most of our government leaders have killed and abused innocent people.

If someone in the ZANU PF is good why is s/he silent? We must not be deceived. Leaders like Vice President Mujuru are evil and can sell the poor for a pair of shoes. I don’t care that she is an active member of Salvation Army Church, they is so much suffering in Zimbabwe. More than 3000 people are dying every week, due to deliberate starvation, and deprivation of hospitals with drugs and doctors.

Someone may say wait a minute you are a Christian and the bible says you must not judge. The bible didn’t say we should not judge wickedness. To judge is to form an opinion about something or someone. It’s not bad to have a righteous opinion. John Chapter 7:24 say we must judge righteously. We should love whom the Lord love. We should hate what the Lord hate. ZANU PF leaders are killing and starving innocent people. Those who oppress the poor are not people of God or our Brothers.

Zimbabwe need political leaders who respect bible based human rights. The Ten Commandments are the foundation and basis of our freedom, liberty and justice. Ideal leaders are those who protect innocent citizens and punish the wicked in accordance with the laws of God- capital punishment for rape, murder, kidnapping etc. ZANU PF members are not worthy leadership because they are the ones perpetrating most crimes in Zimbabwe.
There is no need to sympathize with ZANU PF criminals unless they turn away from evil of oppressing and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This does not mean they will be exempted from crimes they have perpetrated which must be dealt with in accordance with the laws of God by State that will assume public responsibility.

Foundation of Reason & Justice is a Zimbabwean Christian organization based in South Africa. God has called us to correct oppression, denounce human rights abuses and to challenge Zimbabweans to turn to God. Since oppression by rulers is a sign that our nation has denied Jesus Christ. Would you not join others to make history Zimbabwe by supporting us? Pray for us or consider supporting us financial. An independent Board of Trustees will manage Foundation of Reason & Justice finances.

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice
P.O. BOX 61441
Marshall town 2107
South Africa

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