Attention: A book that’s exposes Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF atrocities.

Attention: To all Zimbabweans and people who want to understand the dangers and evils of communism in Africa and its atrocities in Zimbabwe. See the following book, it’s a must read for all people passion about human dignity, democracy and justice.

This book, ‘Christian Terror” l am introducing you to was written by Rev. Arthur Lewis. The man of God is a passion missionary who has witnessed the communist atrocities.  The book is available as an eBook on the following link:

If you cannot open the link above please go to: , you will see ‘Christian Terror’ on the home page and the links.

What we had in Zimbabwe was not freedom or liberation war it was terrorism and communism seeking to overthrow a government that was based of Christian civilization and western principles of economics. Mugabe’s ZANU PF reign is the proof that it was communism subverting a sound and a better government. The colonial government was not bad or evil as some people force us to believe.

Mugabe’s liberation proved to be oppressive than the oppression of Ian Smith. Smith’s economy offered opportunities for all better than Mugabe’s ZANU PF paradise which sends millions of Zimbabweans into exile. Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean have died because of ZANU PF rule. Pre and post liberation Atrocities of ZANU PF are well documented

Mugabe’s apologies for atrocities and misrule are communist tactics to empower ZANU PF to stay on power forever. All communists are liars and deceivers. While Mugabe has toned down his violent talk his CIOs, militias and police continue to carry out covert operations that are eliminating dissenters and assassinating MDC Officials and supporters in accidents and so-called sickness.

Now Zimbabwe needs a democratic government based on Western principles of government: The Judiciary, legislature, executive and fourth estate, the media balancing powers. ZANU PF must be removed from power so that Zimbabwe can start political and economic reconstruction.

Collen  Makumbirofa (BELZ MEDIA AWARD 2010)

Foundation of Reason & Justice,

PS: MR. MAKUMBIROFA is a Zimbabwean writer, human rights and political activist still in exile. Makumbirofa has sensitized readers worldwide about the brutalities and suffering in Zimbabwe. His articles have been published in many outlets worldwide. Many lives in Zimbabwe have been saved because of his selfless work for change. Please support by making a financial donation.

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