Campaign of terror in Chegutu Zimbabwe -Article I wrote in 2008 and was published by The Zimbabwean Newspaper

Campaign of terror in Chegutu

EDITOR – Some terrifying events are taking place in Chegutu, about 90 km from the capital city, Harare. Today, 17 May 2008, I spoke (over the phone) to the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), leader, Mr. Gift Konjan.

Mr. Konjan said the whole Chegutu area is under fire from Webster Shamu, Zanu (PF) MP in Msengezi Area (30 km from Chegutu). During 29 March 2008 elections, it was alleged by MDC supporters that Shamu was arrested by police in the Mhondoro area. Police refused to confirm as they always do in such cases. He is very close to the so-called president Robert Mugabe. In 2000 he lost the parliamentary seat to MDC supporter Philimon Matibe.

The MDC leader, Gift Konjan confirmed that one white woman (he did not give me a name) was attacked on 15 May 2008 and is at Avenues Clinic in Harare. Twenty-five farm workers at Wietkley farm have been abducted by the militias; none have been informed about their whereabouts. It is feared that they may be dead.

Farmers William and Annette Rogers were attacked by ZANU PF militias at Chegutu Extension Farm. Mr. Rogers said: “They told me that l had two minutes to vacate my property otherwise they will send the mob there and the house is not worthy sacrificing my life for because we would lose our lives. They said they (ZANU PF mob) were like hungry lions.”

At Chikanga farm near Chegutu an MDC Councilor for Ward 22 has been beaten close to death by ZANU PF militias. Many houses of political dissenters in Chegutu and surrounding areas have been burned

I have known Mr. Gift Konjan for many years. Recently, l met him a few days after elections and he told m: that a house belonging to MDC local leader in Mhondoro (near Chegutu) had been burned down by Zanu (PF) partisans (police don’t do anything most of times they are used by Mugabe to do evil); how Zanu (PF) rigged elections in Musengezi area, where he was campaigning to be an MDC MP. Konjan was voted by the people to be MP, but elections were rigged. Mugabe stays on power by rigging elections and murdering and torturing political opponents.

Currently Konjan is taking care of 25 people, victims of violence, torture, abductions and murder. I asked him how l can help. He said he needs some relief aid, transport to take people to clinics. The situation is desperate.

Please if you can help or know of people who can assist, kindly let me know.

The Bible requires us to show love to our enemies, how much more to our brothers such as Mr. Kojan and those being murdered, abducted, and tortured, everyday in Zimbabwe. Please pray for his safety and those he is assisting.

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Published by The Zimbabwean Newspaper 2008

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