Date Posted: Monday 10-Jan-2011

I don’t believe that Mugabe and his ZANU PF liberated Rhodesia/Zimbabwe from the White government of Ian Smith. I think Ian Smith was a better leader as to compare with Mugabe and his ZANU PF staunch supporters.

Ian Smith was a brave leader especially when he made his Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) on November 11, 1965. The Rhodesian Front declared independence from the United Kingdom.

Rhodesia was able to feed its people both blacks and whites. I have never heard of Ian Smith’s opponents having their hands or mouths cut for opposing Smith regime.
Mugabe is a mass murderer who has murdered hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans in both overt and covert operations. Mugabe starved millions of Zimbabweans. Many people had their hands and mouths c! ut for opposing Mugabe’s corruption. Tens of thousands of women were raped by ZANU PF sanctioned militias. Hundreds of men have been sodomised by ZANU PF leaders. After the civil war l do not know why the Ndebele people were being massacred by Mugabe?

When Smith was willing to give up power and why Mugabe does not want to give up power? He is afraid of the crimes against humanity he has committed. Much nauseas allegations will come against ZANU PF leaders. What we know now is just a tip of an iceberg.

I’m must venture to say THAT Mugabe never brought freedom to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was far better under Ian Smith than under a black government. Black leadership in Africa is a tragic failure with the excerption of Botswana and Zambia and few others where governments are still civilized.

Zimbabwe needs counter revolution from ZANU PF. I don’t apologizing for stating that Ian Smith was far better than Mugabe. If ZANU PF had not taken control of Zimbabwe; milli! ons of Zimbabweans will not be suffering poverty, want, and di! scrimina tion in foreign lands.

I’m not to please anyone but at times we need to be unorthodox for truth seek and true freedom. I hereby tell the world that Zimbabwe will be a better country with no ZANU PF regime. All the ZANU PF old guard must go. These people are evil and villains and they are using all kinds of dirty tricks to enslave the masses and to stay in power.
We need unity of purpose, courage and resources to remove ZANU PF from power which it is clinging on illegitimately.
Some may have different views lets debate. Come on:…or

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

Readers’ Comments
Date Posted: Sunday 09-Jan-2011
Until Such time pe! ople like you publicly apologize for opposing Ian Smith, I am not interested in your plight. And when I refer to “people like you”, I am refering to every single Zimbabwean alive today, tommorow and in the future.


Dear Jo

Thank you for your email. l don’t understand what you mean. The Rhodesian war was fought by blacks and whites together against blacks and Russians and Chinese.

Do you know that many blacks were murdered by ZANU PF for supporting Ian Smith? Many blacks were in the Rhodesian forces and police fighting for Ian Smith’s regime.

So l think we need to improve our understanding of history. l have relatives who died in the war fighting for the Rhodesian forces.

The fall of Ian Smith cannot be blamed on black Zimbabweans. We must not be very selective. l think it will be appropriate to blame the British government at that time for supporting the Marxist ZANU PF to come to power. The British were very cunning and crook! ed that they assisted Marxist terrorists and removed a better ! governme nt of Ian Smith.
For the sake of truth l have to let you know that many black Zimbabweans loved Ian Smith. But ZANU PF was using force and violence to recruit militias and to terrorize black people during the war.

Tens of thousands of blacks who died in the war – were murdered by ZANU terrorists for refusing to betray Ian Smith regime.

Therefore, l stand to correct you. But thank you so much for voicing such concern.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

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