Urgent: UK Authorities we urge you to Stop deportation of PAXINA MUCHENGI (Zimbabwean citizen)

From: Collen Makumbirofa [mailto:makumbirofa@protonmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 2:06 PM
To: Info on UK Visa in South Africa
Subject: Urgent: UK Authorities we urge you to Stop deportation of PAXINA MUCHENGI (Zimbabwean citizen)

Attention: Dr Nicola Brewer

UK Authorities,

British High Commission
255 Hill Street, Arcadia 0002, Pretoria, South Africa,

Tel 27 12 421 7500 Enquiries
0044 208 082 4743 Passport Enquiries
0861 837 221

Dear Dr Nicola Brewer

We urge you to stop deportation of Paxina Muchengi scheduled today from UK to Zimbabwe.

“PAXINA MUCHENGI a Zimbabwean who is booked on your Flight with the following details: ET873 HARARE ZIMBABWE VIA ADDIS ABABA ETHIOPIAN AIRWAYS.

She entered UK in November, 2004 and is detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre. She received removal directions and is due to be deported on Thursday 29th November 2012. Her Home Office reference number is M1388096 and her Appeal No is AA/07190/2009.”

I have no doubt that your office is aware of serious human rights abuses and human savages of Mugabe’s ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. Thousands have been beaten, tortured for speaking out against this regime. Right now political violence has been intensified by ZANU PF government ahead of March 2013, presidential elections. Opponents are beaten, tortured and some killed by CIO, War Vets and ZANU PF youth militias.

We request the UK government not to particpate in the possible torture or death of Paxina Muchengi (picture attached). Yours co operation and urgent action to stop the deportation will be greatly appreciated.

Yours for freedom and justice,

Collen Makumbirofa

Foundation of Reason & Justice

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