Desperate Calls for help from Zimbabwe. 15 January 2019

I received the following Whatsapp message from Zimbabwe. I think things must be difficulty and times are desperate. I pray for the people in Zimbabwe, so that solution can come to these problems.

Please join me to think and pray for people in Zimbabwe. So that God can help this country and it’s good people.




To All Zimbabweans who are living in South Africa Legal or Illegal we are kindly requesting your help and Attention due to the Shutdown Zimbabwe Mantra we understand that Zimbabwe Government have immediately shutdown Networks ,those of you who knows what ZANU PF is capable of I think you know the meaning of shutting down the Network , let’s Unite and Approach Zimbabwe Embassy,SADC office,UN etc let’s go in Numbers before it’s too late let’s stop what ever we are doing and Rescue our fellow Brothers and Sisters living in Zimbabwe this blocking and Shutting down of Network is ZANU PF Strategy to do their dirty games our People will be Raped killed and Abducted while we are watching doing Nothing at All , Those of you who are willing to be part of March we can Organize Transport Venue etc you can contact 0622320243 This is a National issue we know how ZANU PFis doing their dirty games since from Gukurahundi ,Curfew ,Murambatswina etc ,Asiphakameni ngobunengi uMzabalazo uyasivumela this is the Right time to Attack the Enemy ZANU PF Must Fall we have Identified our Enemy let’s get ready of it

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