Looting of a Truck in Olifantsfontein Pretoria. Whats wrong with our society?

A Truck has fallen in Olifantsfontein near Pretoria. A lot of people are seen in a video below looting from the truck.

There is massive poverty and starvation among people in South Africa. Several millions have no jobs and they are relying on crime and corruption to earn living.

This sight is so sickening. This behaviour from the mob is no good, its breaking the laws which prevent theft or unjust benefit.

We are in poverty and suffering but we need to do right things to confront and change our situation. Stealing or robbing is not good at all. In fact we will be destroying our values and society.

Me must fight the temptation to steal or corrupt. But we should always thrive to do what is right and create better values in our children and leave a good legacy for them.

Let us all who love good and peaceful country condemn this looting.

By Collen Makumbirofa



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