Xenophobia in Durban South Africa.

We should counter xenophobia and violence in both spirit and body. Xenophobia is a menace to any people.

Xenophobia violence in Durban 15 March 2019

It happened on 25 March 2019 tbat Foreigners were accused of taking truck driving, security and other jobs of South Africans. More than 150 people were displaced. They were attacked by group of men who chased them from their houses and looted all their belongings.

The attackers we doing over night raids on the victims and looting their belongings. These are actually savages in South Africa.

This is how some impoverished and criminal South Africans benefits from their victims.
When will this violence and evil come to an end?

When is South Africa going to be a peaceful country?

When is South Africa going to be a society that respect different races, nationalities.

By Collen Makumbirofa
Email: makumbirofa@protonmail.com

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