Massive Witchcraft in Zimbabwe. Shona culture embedded in Witchcraft!

Below I was commenting and replying to a woman aged 45 with no husband and no man who has even tried to date her.

“Hey so bad. I think its powers of witchcraft in Zimbabwe. We have too much witchcraft. Find a solution to fight this before its too late. There are people who have bewitched you. Mostly your relatives. I don’t know whether I should suggest you pray for yourself or find any other solution. That’s the bad part of our hypocritical Shona culture so embedded in witchcraft which is silently terrorising innocent souls. I feel sorry for you.”
The effects of witchcraft are so powerful. It’s killing and destroying people’s lives in Zimbabwe.

People get Goblins out of envy to try and destroy lives of others. Some get goblins so that they can get wealth from their businesses so these end up affecting other members of the family and community.
Marriages have been affected and hit hard by witchcraft.
Also Christian religion has been affected by witchcraft.
There are some Churches which uses witchcraft, especially those which don’t use the Bible and claim to rely on holy spirit. They use witchcraft and will be casting spells in mountains and bushes.
Witchcraft in Zimbabwe has the power to change the way people think or behaviour and its a really serious crime against humanity which must even be prosecuted.

By Collen Makumbirofa

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