Zimbabwe State made Accident: Pastor Apostle Chiwenga’s Wife died, Chiwenga critical injured.

The Pastor Apostle Chiwenga was travelling from Beitbridge border in Masvingo-Harare road when he met this man made accident.

The Wife of Apostle Chiwenga and other two people died in this accident.

This how an attempt has been made on Pastor Apostle Chiwenga by the wicked enemy. Those being used by Satan to carry acts of terror in Zimbabwe.

This is how Methodist Church Reverend Vimbai Mugwidi was killed in state made car accident.

I condemn this act of barbarity and cowardice on the part of our government. These vicious acts of assassination must come to an end in our country Zimbabwe.

By Collen Makumbirofa

Email: makumbirofac@gmail.com

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