by Collen Makumbirofa

Ruth Ann I forgive you because you are so much ignorant of the problems that Africans experience. Maybe you were born from a rich family and you see everything through glasses. Africans are exploited by these rich elite cabals. They are paid wages next to nothing. These capitalists exploiters live lavish lifestyles at the expense of our people.
If you cannot acknowledge the evil of capitalism then you are illusioned. 
Our politicians are controlled by these rich families. Those who resist are assassinated or rebellion will be incited against them. Dirty money will be used. Therefore dont take things for granted.4You and 3 others11 Comments8 SharesLikeCommentShare

  • Linda Stanley This sounds very grave Collen, I feel very sad for ppl who live in this trap. These elite cabals are (I must ask) white? Or locals.
    Also what do you call “next to nothing” – worse than colonialism?1Delete or hide this
  • Simon de Beer Is the problem capitalism or Africa? I spent the first 20 years of my life in Africa and i know the answer to that question1Delete or hide this
  • Steve Kitching Capitalism is not unique to Africa or its people. Try living in the UK where you can expect to work 60hrs a week for minimum wage. While your boss drives the top of the range Land Rovers, owns his own million pound yatch etc etc. That’s life, and humans are greedy. The more you have the more you want.2Delete or hide this
  • Mark Paquette Capitalism isn’t evil: people are. Capitalism has raised the poor more than any ideology – in this world – in history. You may be referring to what we colloquially refer to as ‘crony capitalism.’ What we should strive for is free market capitalism.2Delete or hide this
  • Nina Venish I dont blame capitalism, I blame greed. It is not exploitation, it is greed. Africa is not exploited, it is greedy. Politicians and Governments are peopled by those who sell their resources to the highest bidder and constantly line their own pockets in…See More1Delete or hide this
    • Jose Manuel De Abreu Well said Nina !Delete or hide this
    • Nina Venish On of the poorest Countries in our Continent, Tanzania was convinced by the Tony Blair govt that they needed to upgrade their military weapons. The “gift” for doing the deal? R10mill into a Ministers pocket. Guess what – Tanzania is still trying to pay…See MoreDelete or hide this
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  • William Keith Scott What a lot of sh…..t,you talk like one clever bitch but you really know nothing ….Delete or hide this
  • Sylvester Marange I think the writer mis expressed when he said capitalists,he should have said communists,because the elite group that is ruling Zimbabwe are communist motivated,they acquire their concepts from the east.if capitalism ruled Zimbabwe,we wouldn’t have wi…See MoreDelete or hide this
  • Klaas Happy Marobola capitalism by its nature is greed let’s not try and look smartDelete or hide this

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