Crime and Society!

Elitism(greedy financial elites), unemployment, poverty, exploitation, racism and oppression contribute to crime. If you underpay workers obvious they will steal in order to survive(Iam not saying stealing is right). We must not look at crime as isolated.
We often contribute to widespread crime in so many ways.
Another problem we also discriminate and undermine other people instead of helping them. They end up turning to crime because they have perceived that the society hates them.
Also we dont support clear programs against crime such as death sentence for capital offences, so potential criminals can fear. ‘Crime is rife because there is no fear of the law.’ this Biblical quote is true..
The conclusion we are all to blame for ongoing crime. The change must start within our hearts and the effects or products will be peace, prosperity, crime less society.

By Collen Makumbirofa 
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