Ex-Rhodesians are bitter. We need …Black’s and whites to fight for freedom in Zimbabwe.

by Collen Makumbirofa

October 29, 2018 · 

Ex-Rhodesians are bitter. We need new generation of Black’s and whites to fight for freedom in Zimbabwe.

Almost every ex-Rhodesian is bitter about expulsion from Zimbabwe. Some are bitter to the extent that they even hate every black person from Zimbabwe. I say please turn that bitterness into love and work with other people for common good of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe belong to all, both blacks and whites.
It’s not every black person that supported Mugabe. Those who supported are victims of brainwashing and misinformation by the government. Most of us are hated or accused of supporting Mugabe ‘s evil system but we were babies in 1980. 
My experience with most ex-rhodesians was so bad. We need to give up hate and implement love of all races and built Zimbabwe or clean it from bramble leaders
As for me I love all Blacks or Whites. We are one. Zimbabwe belongs to all.35Tinos Ngozi Zingoni and 34 others63 Comments10 SharesLikeCommentShare

  • Gibbs Govo Bitter about what4Delete or hide this
  • Ian Lamont You get the government you deserve4Delete or hide this
  • Debbie Church Hi Collen. . I agree with you. I was also a baby. But I think everyone’s hatred and aggression is worldwide, not just Zimbabwe. Just see the comments you got from speaking from your heart. No one has tolerance anymore or love for fellow humans. Everyon…See More11Delete or hide this
    • Martin Stewart-Smith Debbie Goddard Scott Church Paul writes in 2 Timothy 3 v 2 that in the last days “people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothi…See More3Delete or hide this
  • Steve Lailvaux Collen…I agree with you and I agree with Debbie..there are kinds of complicated reasons for people to lash out here, unfortunately it just keeps us all swimming around in a pool of negativity, and it’s destructive….4Delete or hide this
  • Jennifer May I used to be full of bitterness and hatred more for zanupf. Mostly because of gukurahundi and what was happening to the wildlife. Then I took myself in hand and realised the only person who was suffering was myself. We must realise that hatred doesn’t stop or end with hatred. It will only finish when we love and let go of our bitterness.3Delete or hide this
    • Steve Lailvaux Jennifer if we really want to we can all come up with all kinds of reasons to be bitter..the more reasons we come up with the more it justifies our anger..bitterness and racism..it will never solve anything,…I don’t believe the be a Rhodesian means that we should now gloat and rejoice in what Zimbabwe has become but is seems there is a belief here that if I don’t do this..I cannot be Rhodesian..it’s all very sad2Delete or hide this
    • Martin Stewart-Smith Jennifer May hate is like drinking poison hoping the other person will die – it is caustic to one’s soul. Forgive. Always.1Delete or hide this
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  • Martin Stewart-Smith I got one certainly do NOT hate my former countrymen regardless of their skin colour. My heart goes out to the ordinary people suffering. What I do hate is the corruption as it is continually destroying the country and the lives of literally millions of people5Delete or hide this
  • Francisco Ernesto Hi Collen couldn’t agree more with you, but not only Zimbabwe the World it’s so bitter today, it’s not easy to understand, if only tried for a while, a little peace and love, surely the World would not go back to bitterness and all bad feelings, nowada…See More1Delete or hide this
  • Bruce Erlank Not bitter, just pissed off with the western world and the politics that proved to be disastrous for all!4Delete or hide this
  • Xolisani Mpofu Not all ex Rhodesians are white people young man,and not all Zimbabweans are black people young man and sometimes the so called racial oppressive Rhodesia ,was far much better of compared to the independent in disguise modern day Zimbabwe ruins7Delete or hide this
  • Wouter Redelinghuys I stood on the sidewalk on the 20 .09.2018 in Kwekwe -on the sidewalk sat a person dressed in rags bare feet -well a skeleton -on the same side walk were several people walking and talking -i had bought a jar of vicks for my dry nose -i could not belie…See More2Delete or hide this
  • Anette Barrett I totally agree with you and Mugabe got votes because people were tortured, raped and killed if they voted differently!! 
    I’m an ex Rhodesian and really loved it there but had to leave because I was on my own and had a three year old son and in 1977 th…See MoreDelete or hide thisAnette Barrett replied · 2 Replies
  • Moira N Mark Purcell Welll saidDelete or hide this
  • Tanya Tracey Oh yes! May it be, may it come into fruitionDelete or hide this
  • Sallie Thompson I always found the black people of Zims to be very nice with an amazing sence of humour. But Mugabe’s lot was the problem. Radicals to say the leastDelete or hide this

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