I am not a ZANU PF supporter. People would support Zanu pf for 3 reasons.

by Collen Makumbirofa

I am not a Zanu PF support nor will i support it.

People would support Zanu Pf for 3 reasons.
1. If you are a financial beneficiary of its wicked policies.
2. If you are intimidated into supporting it.
3. If you are an idiot.

I see no rational person can support such a political party that has caused so much suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. Zanu pf has destroyed Zimbabwe to such an extent that its impossible to rebuilt it.

I wish you good luck Zimbabwe.


Several countries and people are evil and happy to see where Zimbabwe is. The problems which the country has are men made and exacerbated by sanctions. I know there is corruption in every country. Why is Zimbabwe is so much targeted?
Its impossible to have a country without corruption. Lives should be allowed to flourish. People should at least have decent lives.
The Western countries are worsening the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe by imposing unjustified and immoral sanctions. These sanctions are so much hurting and killing many innocent Zimbabweans.
Zimbabwe right now cannot access any international financial services. 
The west should remove sanctions. Things like leadership legitimacy and free and fair elections in Zimbabwe will be solved in time. At least Zimbabweans should be allowed to have decent lives with dignity. 

By Collen Makumbirofa

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