President Trump is the best American has ever had.

by Collen Makumbirofa

The bootlickers of liberalism and democrats must stop glorifying fake main stream media.. The main stream media in USA cannot be trusted anymore. Newspapers are no longer independent, reporting truth as it is. But are now agents of financial elites and globalists.

Trump is a good President America has ever had since the days of John F Kennedy. President John F Kennedy was assassinated by the then American government with aid of CIA and foreign agents. Any President who defy the rich elites is at risk and will be targeted by naked lies or even assassination.

Just that the American society has some rotten eggs who fiercely promote abortion and some other evils.
The wall street bankers are criminals destroying America from within.
The patriotic Americans must take back the Federal Reserve Bank from elites. The Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by evil and heartless elites. Causing inflation all the time.
The Federal Reserve Bank print money that has no backing of wealth (inflation) and loan this money to the American government at a higher interest. This cause enormous economic problems.

Filthy rich bankers control these banks which own the American Federal Reserve bank. These rich elites have massive wealth to sponsor the newspapers to peddle lies against Trump and American society.
They can sponsor every kind of evil such as abortion, which murder unborn babies and hurt women.

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