by Collen Makumbirofa

So interesting. It seem President Trump support arms in hands of ordinary Americans. The fact that Trump is so much hated by Democrats, Liberals and the satanic mass media proves that he is against the evil order of financial elites and their cabals including those in CIA. Americans are pawns of wall street bankers. The the previous American governments were run by these bankers who hates everything freedom means: right to life of pre-born babies, right to bear firearms. The reason why USA is now so much hated abroad is because of these financial elites. Since they determine USA foreign policy, and incite foreign wars which do not benefit ordinary Americans.

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  • Cathal Mac Mháinis What you see over “media” isn’t always the truth Collen. I’m sure George Bush was once seen as a “hero” along with every other president or prime minister.1Delete or hide this
  • Collen Makumbirofa Hey Cathal Mac Mháinis Thanks for writing. Iam disappointed, the Media has gone to dogs. Media is no more about seeking and reporting truth but about advancing its political interests or interests of its handlers who are oppressors, financial elites, Globalists etc…1Edit or delete this

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