Racism in America and human trafficking of Blacks to Middle East

Though Black Americans are mischievous and disingenuous in rallying behind African dictators the KK and other racists groups have gone too far.

The KK are satanists and cannibalists who eat blacks in dark world. 
No moral sound person can sympathise or support the KK. When we think of the KK we are reminded of the scourge of slave trade which exported hundreds of thousands of blacks to Americas and millions to Arab countries.

Slaves to the so called Christian Western world were for domestic work and plantations. Slaves to the Arabs were more for sex abuse and military.

Behind scenes the KK eat and enslave blacks. Today the Arabs are still involved in trafficking blacks to countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

In 2016 hundreds of Zimbabwean women were stripped naked and auctioned at an underground market in Kuwait. This was done with support and knowledge of Kuwaiti government officials. Our politicians are not doing enough to prevent human trafficking of Africans to Arabs.

We should discourage and warn our young people who want to look for Jobs in Middle East. As thousands are being trafficked annual to Middle East for sex work and domestic slavery.

By Collen Makumbirofa
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