The assassination of the US President John F Kennedy in 1963

by Collen Makumbirofa

The issue of the assassination of the US President John F Kennedy in 1963 is still important today because it exposes the ruling elites of the world and the financial cabals in Wall Street. AMERICAN Government’s foreign policy is determined by these financial elites whose predecessors killed John F Kennedy. Just imagine the American government does not control its Federal Reserve Bank popularly called the Fed. The Fed is run by private bankers whose interests are not the welfare of American people nor good lives for people all over the world. The Federal Reserve Bank is the only institute allowed to create money out of nothing. And it lends this money to the American government at a high interest. The Fed print money out of nothing(which is not wealth at all) and lend this money to the US government. John F Kennedy made himself an enemy of the elites and cabals some of them involved the CIA, especially when his policies threatened the Federal Reserve Bank.

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