The British government, the Sponsor of Mugabe’s dictatorship.

by Collen Makumbirofa

Britain does not care about Zimbabweans. It can give many Zimbabweans visas to be house girls and garden boys in UK.
I mentioned it long back that Britain is racist against black Zimbabweans. Second, Britain does not care about both black and white Zimbabweans. 
Who knows maybe the looted diamonds are finding their way to the UK. 
In 2016 the UK Telegraphy Newspaper exposed the Jewish tycoon Lord Mandelson intent to bail out Mugabe’s regime with $1 billion loan.

” In 2015, Western and Chinese aid and loans added 35% to Zimbabwe’s revenue – which, of course, means Mugabe’s income.” David Barber.

UK government is run by Evil financial elites who only care about advancing their satanic new world order. In the new world order most evils will be tolerated. 
The UK government is corrupt and a menace to the lives of both British and Africans.
The satanic freemason in the UK government (who have hijacked the UK government) would love to see more blood of innocent Zimbabweans being sacrificed to demons of Mugabe’s ZANU PF government.

UK government is not defender of democracy nor an example of justice. I feel sorry for for Zimbabweans and British people who are struggling with life and economic hardship caused by these wicked rulers.
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