Zimbabwean immigrants Suffering in South Africa.

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Deplorable conditions which Zimbabwean immigrants are living in at Kysands squatter camp in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this area immigrants and locals live together. Crime is rife. There are no Jobs for them to work. They struggle to get money to pay rent or buy food. Children starve and have no decent or healthy place to play because of the mud and sewage water right in yards of their parents’ shack. Life is so unbearable for them. To be in this area especially at night you can be robbed or killed.

Zimbabwean immigrants in this area and other bad areas like this in South Africa have fled economic hardship at home. Tens of thousands are starving in Zimbabwe. There is no hope, there is no job. The government of Zimbabwe has failed dismally to pull people out of economic chasm. This economic crisis is caused by leadership or legitimacy crisis. 2018 Presidential Elections were not free and fair. They were rigged. People were shot by the military for demonstrating in streets. Some died, many were enjured in Zimbabwean election crisis. 
This community really need support from all those who are kind hearted. Precious human lives must not be wasted like this.

Women in these dirty filthy places are usually abused and raped by notorious men. 
Not all people who live in areas like this are criminals but some people are just unfortunate. Cant find jobs and have no money. Therefore suffer like this.

By Collen Makumbirofa 
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